What if?

Dear Fellow 1.5-ers,

A refugee from the kingdom of Lost stealthily entered the country of Found in search of safety and life for his family.  He, his wife, and their three small children had been on the move for months dodging alloyed hail and starvation.  They had heard the country of Found was abounding with friends of Jesus, and it was the family’s hope to be rescued…maybe even by Jesus himself.  

Although they were worried about their own safety and their own appetites, a family of poor Christians, who were themselves lacking, took in the refugee family.  They had faith that the Lord would provide for their needs and the needs of their new friends even though taking them in had made their lives more costly.  

Having no food for their guests, the Christian, whose name was Disciple, left home in the darkness of night.  He walked across the street and cautiously knocked on the door of a fellow church member and asked, “Sir, could you spare some bread? My family and I are housing refugees who have been on the run for months, and the family has three small children, and they are all starving; however, we ourselves have no food to give them.”

The neighbor responded, “Why are you bothering me?  This is an incredibly inconvenient time. The door to my house has already been shut and locked; not to mention, my children are fast asleep. I can’t go rummaging around in the kitchen to get bread for you or some refugee family you’re harboring. If I help you, I’ll cause a disturbance in my house. Now, go in peace, and you and your refugees be warmed and filled.”

Poor Disciple left dejected.  How could a church person be so unconcerned?  Did he know the plight of these poor souls?  Did he think of the children?  Couldn’t he inconvenience his family to give one of these little ones a cup of cold water?  

Disciple and his refugee friends were at a loss.  How would they be filled?  How could they survive?  Was there any way to be rescued?  

Disciple remained faithful in spite of the neighbor’s selfishness because He knew that the Lord watches over the sojourner, and that in His own way, the Lord would provide for these broken people. 

Disciple prayed earnestly and an idea came to him.  He could take the family to the king of Found.  Disciple recalled something his friend, Herald, once told him.

“With the King of Found is all wealth, and He is extremely eager to share it with sojourners especially those sojourners with great needs!”  

Disciple decided that’s what he would do, he would take his new friends to see the King! 

So, Disciple and the refugees left on the long and difficult journey to see the King.

The entrance to the King’s territory was narrow, and it was very difficult to squeeze through.  Once inside the King’s city, Disciple and his friends began the hike up a treacherously dark hill.  

“What hill is this?” exclaimed the refugees.

Disciple replied, “This hill is called Skulls and the King rests atop this hill, and when you see Him, you’ll never be the same.  He will give to you out of His abundance, and He will take your evils and worries and insecurities, and in return, He will give you His peace, and it will fill you so that you are never unsatisfied again.”

The refugees’ hearts welled with anticipation. They began to conjure up images of this powerful man who would help them.  They longed to see him in His royal regalia, and they could only imagine the elegance He must display as the King.”  

After stumbling and crawling their way up the hill, Disciple and the refugees crested the apex, and there with out-stretched arms awaited the King.

The refugees gazed upon him.  Their eyes filled with tears.  And suddenly disdain crept into their hearts.  

One refugee erupted, “How can he help us!?”  

Another agonized, “He’s bleeding on a cross!”

Disciple encouraged the refugees not to be disheartened. Through a weighty smile Disciple explained, “It may not look like it today, but one day every knee will bow to this King.”  

The refugees responded, “Well, we see His crown, but we cannot yet see His royalty!”

A Voice within guided Disciple, and he convinced his companions to bow before the bleeding King and beg for eyes to see the reality of His royalty.

Lacking faith but bowing anyways, the refugees prayed and wept and cried out.

After much inner wrestling and through many tears, the refugees looked up and saw Light and Love and Promise.  

And in that instance, the refugees’ citizenship was transferred from their old country of Lost to their new country of Found.  They were adopted as the King’s children, and they were given His peace.  

Disciple celebrated with his new brothers and sisters, and the new citizens’ story was told as a testimony to the power of the King’s out-stretched hands.  Even the angels in heaven celebrated the new additions to the country.  

The refugees lives were forever changed by Disciple’s willingness to help, but mostly, their lives were changed by a bleeding King whose royalty was veiled but whose abundance separated them from their soul-turmoil as far as the east is from the west.

What if you were the refugee?  You are.

What if you are Disciple? You are.

What if this was about refugees?  It is.

What if this were about the kingdom of God?  It is.

What if this were about our fears of insufficiency?  It is.  

What if those out-stretched hands were only for sojourners?  They are.

What if that homely crown was set on the most powerful king in history?  It is.

What if our allegiance to the King instructed every facet of our ideology? It should.

What if we remembered that we are refugees and Disciples and insufficient and citizens of Found and called to love the citizens of Lost no matter how costly it might be for us?

What might the world be like?

What if?

Safely Struggling,

Adam 1.5

Written by : Adam Comeens

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