Dear Fellow 1.5-ers,

If God had a favorite word, a case could be made for that word being love or grace or believe.  But, there’s a word in the Bible that communicates more about the character of God and His priorities better than the three words listed above.  

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What if?

Dear Fellow 1.5-ers,

A refugee from the kingdom of Lost stealthily entered the country of Found in search of safety and life for his family.  He, his wife, and their three small children had been on the move for months dodging alloyed hail and starvation.  They had heard the country

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Dear Fellow 1.5ers,

This is a story of redemption.  It includes some embellishments because it’s a hunting story, and like all good hunting (and fishing) stories, lying is necessary for it to be true to the genre.  

I have a city-friend who married a country-girl.  His father-in-law is a

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The Sounds of Sin and Singing

Dear Fellow 1.5-ers,

In our home, we have two adults plus three children plus one dog and that equals eternal laundry.  It never ends.  My wife works at it.  Washes it. Dries it.  Folds it.  Puts it away.  Repeat.  Often we keep an Everest-like mound of laundry on our love

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The Weed-Killer

Dear Fellow 1.5ers,

I have a retired neighbor whose full-time hobby is manicuring his yard, so, of course, his yard is immaculate.  He mows in the rain and in the drought.  He dresses up his flower beds constantly. He artistically shapes his hedge bushes.  His flowers radiate color and vitality. 

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Learning the Song

Dear Fellow 1.5-ers,

Good music crawls into your soul, strikes the tuning fork of your heart, and resonates with your whole being.  Good music just does that; it’s almost magical.  You could name those singers or bands or songs that have somehow penetrated your marrow.  It’s incredible what kind of

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"Gentle Power"

Dear 1.5ers,

There’s much in this world worth annihilating. Pistachios. Iced coffee. TV shows starring the Kardashians. Tags in underwear. Tofu. And, seasonal allergies.

Then there’s real stuff that needs to die. Cancer. Alzheimer’s. AIDS. Homelessness and poverty.

Then there are those evils that can only be snuffed out by

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“Evil Wears a Mask”

Dear 1.5-ers,

Last weekend I won. Not a game. Not a gamble. No, I won parenting. I sat my five-year-old son down, and we watched A New Hope (that’s Star Wars Episode IV originally released in 1977). Together, we hung on every word Luke spoke, and we watched as light

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“What’s in a Name?”

I’m calling this weekly blog Adam 1.5 which draws its meaning from Romans 5:12-21 and draws its explanation from Romans 7:14-25. Using these passages, I want to explain what’s “in” this blog’s name, and by doing so, I hope clearly to share the aim of this blog.

Since my name

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Upcoming Events

This Saturday some of our youth will embark on a 7 day mission trip to Costa Rica where they will team up with Rodney and Jana Davilla. They are MTW missionaries in Costa Rica whom we support. Please pray that God will prepare them to be intentional during their mission and guide their efforts as they minister to the people of Costa Rica.

S.T.A.R.S.: Let’s Eat Ice Cream! Join us for an Ice Cream Social this Thursday, May 25, at 10:30 a.m. in the YAC. Please bring your favorite churn of ice cream. If you are not planning on bringing ice cream, please supply the toppings. Contact Lisa Hogg at 794-3128 to inform her of what you are bringing.

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